Contests (listed alphabetically)

99Fiction Flash Fiction Contest

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What they want:

Only submissions which are within the 99-word limit will be accepted. This means any story up to and including 99 words. Hyphenated words will be treated as one word. No limit to the number of entries per person.

Deadline: Ongoing (check website)
Length: Up to 99 words
Award: The winner will receive a free bottle of wine from and posted anywhere in the world at the expense of 99fiction. Alternatively, the winner may elect to receive a voucher from Amazon to the value of $25.00 (US) and sent by e-mail to the winner.
Submission Guidelines:

Apex Magazine Presents: Steal the Spotlight Micro Fiction Contest


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What they want:

Halloween is coming and with it the vampire, zombie, witch, and ghost stories will creep into your hands and whisper “Boo” in your ear. Now I love a good ghost story. Witches are wicked. Zombies give me the chills. And vampires are grand. But…

But there’s more out there. Monsters waiting in the wings to give you a fright. And they want their moment to shine!

There will be five categories: sea monsters, black dog/Hellhounds, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and demons (this can include wendigos, succubus, be creative). Write a story to fit one of these five categories…

Deadline: October 15, 2014
Length: Up to 250 words
Award: The winning stories will get the spotlight turned on them in the November issue of Apex Magazine. The authors will be paid 6 cents per word, receive a free 12-month subscription to Apex Magazine and a short story critique from an Apex editor. Stories for critique can be up to 5,000 words long.  Every writer that submits will receive a free issue of Apex Magazine.
Submission Guidelines:

Horror: Told in 100 Words


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What they want:

Okay, folks! Here’s the skinny. Flash fiction is pretty hip nowadays and we want to see who can come up with the most creative horror story using 100 words or fewer. Sounds fun, right! Right?!?!

So first thing’s first—the theme. This contest/anthology will have a dual theme. The first is Creation. The second is Destruction. All stories touching on these two topics will be accepted. Doesn’t matter what it is. Get creative!

At the end of the submission period, TEN (5 from each theme) stories will be chosen and posted to HNR’s website. There will be two weeks of voting where readers can weigh in. They will ultimately choose the winners.

Deadline: September 30, 2014
Length: 100 words maximum
Award: Two winners will receive $50.  Depending on the amount of submissions, we will most likely publish the best stories in an anthology. We’re shooting to publish 50 from both themes, but that’s contingent on the amount and—more importantly—quality of submissions. Contributors will be provided an e-copy as payment.
Submission Guidelines:

On The Premises

On The Premises Issue 16

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What they want:

On The Premises aims to promote newer and/or relatively unknown writers who can write what we feel are creative, compelling stories told in effective, uncluttered, and evocative prose. Entrants pay no fees, and winners receive cash prizes in addition to exposure through publication.

Your story MUST be based on the current contest premise. Please make the connection between your story and the contest premise obvious! The more obvious, the better. Your entry will lose points (seriously!) if we have to work hard to figure out how it uses the premise.

Length: 1,000-5,000 words
Prizes:  1st prize: $180; 2nd prize: $140; 3rd prize: $100; Honorable mention: $40
Submission Guidelines:

Spark Anthology Contest: Monsters and Marvels


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What they want:

Like darkness and light, Yin and Yang, monsters and marvels are two sides of the same coin. Each entry should include both a monster and a marvel—though “monster” and “marvel” may refer to same element of your entry.

The theme for this contest invites open interpretation: are monsters physical manifestations of evil, or the internal demons that plague us all? Marvels: fantastic bestiary creatures, or symbols of the human spirit’s resilience?

Categories: Poetry, Prose, Artwork

Deadline: October 1, 2014
Length: Up to 12,000 words
Award: Grand prize winner receives $500, publication in upcoming Spark Anthology, lifetime Scribophile membership, one year Duotrope subscription, one year subscription to writing magazine (three choices), one year print and digital subscription to Spark: A Creative Anthology. Monetary awards for second and third place as well – see website for details.
Submission Guidelines:

The Writer’s Arena: Fight For Your Write


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What they want:

Do you dig writing short stories? Are you a stone cold killer under pressure and deadlines? Are you willing to be judged by your peers? Then you might have what it takes to be a part of The Writer’s Arena.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Skilled authors. You don’t have to have anything published before, but be sure to send us a sample of your work. If we think you have the chops, you’ll get slotted in to go against one of our writers. We’re also looking for a few on-call writers who would be willing to substitute in if a scheduled writer fails to complete their story.

People who can handle a deadline. You will be given a short window (around ten days) to finish a short story on a prompt that we provide. This sounds far easier than it is. Be prepared.

A willingness to document the writing experience. A big part of this contest is the process by which the writer conquers their stories. We want people who will post on their blog, in the comment threads here, around social media., and perhaps make a half-drunken YouTube video if they get discouraged. We want process, we want fun, and we want to see you engage with the audience and your competitors.

Good sportsmanship. Writing is a very subjective thing. Our judges and the audience will decide who the ultimate victors are, so please be willing to graciously accept victory or defeat.

Award: Writers will be given a base level $5 prize, and a cut of all donations given for the week of their contest. This is a new competition, and we are hoping to raise these rates soon.
Submission Guidelines: